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row0ftsort.h File Reference
#include "univ.i"
#include "data0data.h"
#include "dict0types.h"
#include "row0mysql.h"
#include "fts0fts.h"
#include "fts0types.h"
#include "fts0priv.h"
#include "row0merge.h"
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Data Structures

struct  fts_doc_item
struct  fts_psort_common_t
struct  fts_psort_t
struct  fts_tokenize_ctx
struct  fts_psort_insert


#define FTS_NUM_AUX_INDEX   6
#define FTS_PLL_MERGE   1


typedef struct fts_doc_item fts_doc_item_t
typedef ut_list_base
< fts_doc_item_t
typedef struct fts_tokenize_ctx fts_tokenize_ctx_t
typedef struct fts_psort_insert fts_psort_insert_t


UNIV_INTERN dict_index_trow_merge_create_fts_sort_index (dict_index_t *index, const dict_table_t *table, ibool *opt_doc_id_size)
UNIV_INTERN ibool row_fts_psort_info_init (trx_t *trx, row_merge_dup_t *dup, const dict_table_t *new_table, ibool opt_doc_id_size, fts_psort_t **psort, fts_psort_t **merge))
UNIV_INTERN void row_fts_psort_info_destroy (fts_psort_t *psort_info, fts_psort_t *merge_info)
UNIV_INTERN void row_fts_free_pll_merge_buf (fts_psort_t *psort_info)
UNIV_INTERN os_thread_ret_t fts_parallel_tokenization (void *arg)
UNIV_INTERN void row_fts_start_psort (fts_psort_t *psort_info)
UNIV_INTERN os_thread_ret_t fts_parallel_merge (void *arg)
UNIV_INTERN void row_fts_start_parallel_merge (fts_psort_t *merge_info)
UNIV_INTERN void row_fts_insert_tuple (fts_psort_insert_t *ins_ctx, fts_tokenizer_word_t *word, ib_vector_t *positions, doc_id_t *in_doc_id, dtuple_t *dtuple)
UNIV_INTERN int row_merge_fts_sel_propagate (int propogated, int *sel_tree, ulint level, const mrec_t **mrec, ulint **offsets, dict_index_t *index)
UNIV_INTERN dberr_t row_fts_merge_insert (dict_index_t *index, dict_table_t *table, fts_psort_t *psort_info, ulint id))

Detailed Description

Create Full Text Index with (parallel) merge sort

Created 10/13/2010 Jimmy Yang

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DEBUG_FTS_SORT_PRINT (   str)
do { \
ut_print_timestamp(stderr); \
fprintf(stderr, str); \
} while (0)

status bit used for communication between parent and child thread


Print some debug information

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct fts_doc_item fts_doc_item_t
This structure defineds information the scan thread will fetch

and put to the linked list for parallel tokenization/sort threads to process

This defines the list type that scan thread would feed the parallel

tokenization threads and sort threads.

Function Documentation

UNIV_INTERN os_thread_ret_t fts_parallel_merge ( void *  arg)

Function performs the merge and insertion of the sorted records.

OS_THREAD_DUMMY_RETURN in: parallel merge info
UNIV_INTERN os_thread_ret_t fts_parallel_tokenization ( void *  arg)

Function performs parallel tokenization of the incoming doc strings.

OS_THREAD_DUMMY_RETURN in: psort_info for the thread
UNIV_INTERN void row_fts_free_pll_merge_buf ( fts_psort_t psort_info)

Free up merge buffers when merge sort is done in: parallel sort info

UNIV_INTERN void row_fts_insert_tuple ( fts_psort_insert_t ins_ctx,
fts_tokenizer_word_t word,
ib_vector_t positions,
doc_id_t in_doc_id,
dtuple_t dtuple 

Read sorted FTS data files and insert data tuples to auxillary tables.

DB_SUCCESS or error number in: entry to insert
ins_ctxin: insert context
wordin: last processed tokenized word
positionsin: word position
in_doc_idin: last item doc id
UNIV_INTERN dberr_t row_fts_merge_insert ( dict_index_t index,
dict_table_t table,
fts_psort_t psort_info,
ulint  id 

Read sorted file containing index data tuples and insert these data tuples to the index

DB_SUCCESS or error number
indexin: index
tablein: new table
psort_infoparallel sort info
UNIV_INTERN void row_fts_psort_info_destroy ( fts_psort_t psort_info,
fts_psort_t merge_info 

Clean up and deallocate FTS parallel sort structures, and close temparary merge sort files parallel merge info

psort_infoparallel sort info
UNIV_INTERN ibool row_fts_psort_info_init ( trx_t trx,
row_merge_dup_t dup,
const dict_table_t new_table,
ibool  opt_doc_id_size,
fts_psort_t **  psort,
fts_psort_t **  merge 

Initialize FTS parallel sort structures.

TRUE if all successful
trxin: transaction
dupin,own: descriptor of FTS index being created
new_tablein: table where indexes are created
opt_doc_id_sizein: whether to use 4 bytes instead of 8 bytes integer to store Doc ID during sort
psortout: parallel sort info to be instantiated
mergeout: parallel merge info to be instantiated
UNIV_INTERN void row_fts_start_parallel_merge ( fts_psort_t merge_info)

Kick off the parallel merge and insert thread in: parallel sort info

UNIV_INTERN void row_fts_start_psort ( fts_psort_t psort_info)

Start the parallel tokenization and parallel merge sort in: parallel sort info

UNIV_INTERN dict_index_t* row_merge_create_fts_sort_index ( dict_index_t index,
const dict_table_t table,
ibool opt_doc_id_size 

Create a temporary "fts sort index" used to merge sort the tokenized doc string. The index has three "fields":

1) Tokenized word, 2) Doc ID 3) Word's position in original 'doc'.

dict_index_t structure for the fts sort index out: whether to use 4 bytes instead of 8 bytes integer to store Doc ID during sort
indexin: Original FTS index based on which this sort index is created
tablein: table that FTS index is being created on
UNIV_INTERN int row_merge_fts_sel_propagate ( int  propogated,
int *  sel_tree,
ulint  level,
const mrec_t **  mrec,
ulint **  offsets,
dict_index_t index 

Propagate a newly added record up one level in the selection tree

parent where this value propagated to