InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
fts_tokenize_ctx Struct Reference

#include <row0ftsort.h>

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Data Fields

ulint processed_len
ulint init_pos
ulint buf_used
ulint rows_added [FTS_NUM_AUX_INDEX]
dfield_t sort_field [FTS_NUM_FIELDS_SORT]

Detailed Description

Structure stores information from string tokenization operation

Field Documentation

ulint fts_tokenize_ctx::buf_used

the sort buffer (ID) when tokenization stops, which could due to sort buffer full

ib_rbt_t* fts_tokenize_ctx::cached_stopword

in: stopword list

ulint fts_tokenize_ctx::init_pos

doc start position

ulint fts_tokenize_ctx::processed_len

processed string length

ulint fts_tokenize_ctx::rows_added[FTS_NUM_AUX_INDEX]

number of rows added for each FTS index partition

dfield_t fts_tokenize_ctx::sort_field[FTS_NUM_FIELDS_SORT]

in: sort field

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