InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
dtuple_t Struct Reference

#include <data0data.h>

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Data Fields

ulint info_bits
ulint n_fields
ulint n_fields_cmp
ut_list_node< dtuple_ttuple_list
ulint magic_n

Detailed Description

Structure for an SQL data tuple of fields (logical record)

Field Documentation

dfield_t* dtuple_t::fields


ulint dtuple_t::info_bits

info bits of an index record: the default is 0; this field is used if an index record is built from a data tuple

ulint dtuple_t::magic_n

magic number, used in debug assertions

ulint dtuple_t::n_fields

number of fields in dtuple

ulint dtuple_t::n_fields_cmp

number of fields which should be used in comparison services of rem0cmp.*; the index search is performed by comparing only these fields, others are ignored; the default value in dtuple creation is the same value as n_fields

ut_list_node< dtuple_t > dtuple_t::tuple_list

data tuples can be linked into a list using this field

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