InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
fts_psort_common_t Struct Reference

#include <row0ftsort.h>

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Data Fields

os_event_t sort_event
os_event_t merge_event
ibool opt_doc_id_size

Detailed Description

Common info passed to each parallel sort thread

Field Documentation

fts_psort_t* fts_psort_common_t::all_info

all parallel sort info

row_merge_dup_t* fts_psort_common_t::dup

descriptor of FTS index

os_event_t fts_psort_common_t::merge_event

merge event

dict_table_t* fts_psort_common_t::new_table

source table

ibool fts_psort_common_t::opt_doc_id_size

whether to use 4 bytes instead of 8 bytes integer to store Doc ID during sort, if Doc ID will not be big enough to use 8 bytes value

os_event_t fts_psort_common_t::sort_event

sort event

trx_t* fts_psort_common_t::trx


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