InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
fts_psort_insert Struct Reference

#include <row0ftsort.h>

Collaboration diagram for fts_psort_insert:
Collaboration graph

Data Fields

que_t ** ins_graph
fts_table_t fts_table
CHARSET_INFO * charset
ibool opt_doc_id_size

Detailed Description

Structure stores information needed for the insertion phase of FTS

parallel sort.

Field Documentation

CHARSET_INFO* fts_psort_insert::charset

charset info

fts_table_t fts_psort_insert::fts_table

auxiliary table

mem_heap_t* fts_psort_insert::heap


que_t** fts_psort_insert::ins_graph

insert graph

ibool fts_psort_insert::opt_doc_id_size

Whether to use smaller (4 bytes) integer for Doc ID

trx_t* fts_psort_insert::trx

Transaction used for insertion

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