InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
que_fork_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

que_common_t common
ulint fork_type
ulint n_active_thrs
ulint state
ut_list_base< que_thr_tthrs
ulint cur_end
ulint cur_pos
ibool cur_on_row
ut_list_node< que_fork_tgraphs

Field Documentation

que_thr_t* que_fork_t::caller

pointer to a possible calling query thread

que_common_t que_fork_t::common


ulint que_fork_t::cur_end


ibool que_fork_t::cur_on_row

TRUE if cursor is on a row, i.e., it is not before the first row or after the last row

ulint que_fork_t::cur_pos

if there are n rows in the result set, values 0 and n + 1 mean before first row, or after last row, depending on cur_end; values 1...n mean a row index

ulint que_fork_t::fork_type

fork type

que_t* que_fork_t::graph

query graph of this node

ut_list_node< que_fork_t > que_fork_t::graphs

list of query graphs of a session or a stored procedure

mem_heap_t* que_fork_t::heap

memory heap where the fork was created

pars_info_t* que_fork_t::info

info struct, or NULL

sel_node_t* que_fork_t::last_sel_node

last executed select node, or NULL if none

ulint que_fork_t::n_active_thrs

if this is the root of a graph, the number query threads that have been started in que_thr_move_to_run_state but for which que_thr_dec_refer_count has not yet been called

ulint que_fork_t::state

state of the fork node

sym_tab_t* que_fork_t::sym_tab

symbol table of the query, generated by the parser, or NULL if the graph was created 'by hand'

ut_list_base< que_thr_t > que_fork_t::thrs

list of query threads

trx_t* que_fork_t::trx

transaction: this is set only in the root node

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