InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
que_thr_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

que_common_t common
ulint magic_n
que_node_t * child
ulint state
ibool is_active
que_node_t * run_node
que_node_t * prev_node
ulint resource
ulint lock_state
struct srv_slot_tslot
ut_list_node< que_thr_tthrs
ut_list_node< que_thr_ttrx_thrs
ut_list_node< que_thr_tqueue
ulint fk_cascade_depth

Field Documentation

que_node_t* que_thr_t::child

graph child node

que_common_t que_thr_t::common


ulint que_thr_t::fk_cascade_depth

maximum cascading call depth supported for foreign key constraint related delete/updates

que_t* que_thr_t::graph

graph where this node belongs

ibool que_thr_t::is_active

TRUE if the thread has been set to the run state in que_thr_move_to_run_state, but not deactivated in que_thr_dec_reference_count

ulint que_thr_t::lock_state

lock state of thread (table or row)

ulint que_thr_t::magic_n

magic number to catch memory corruption

que_node_t* que_thr_t::prev_node

pointer to the node from which the control came

ut_list_node< que_thr_t > que_thr_t::queue

list of runnable thread nodes in the server task queue

ulint que_thr_t::resource

resource usage of the query thread thus far

que_node_t* que_thr_t::run_node

pointer to the node where the subgraph down from this node is currently executed

ulint que_thr_t::state

state of the query thread

ut_list_node< que_thr_t > que_thr_t::thrs

list of thread nodes of the fork node

ut_list_node< que_thr_t > que_thr_t::trx_thrs

lists of threads in wait list of the trx

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