InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
srv_slot_t Struct Reference

#include <srv0srv.h>

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Data Fields

srv_thread_type type
ibool in_use
ibool suspended
ib_time_t suspend_time
ulong wait_timeout
os_event_t event

Detailed Description

Thread slot in the thread table.

Field Documentation

os_event_t srv_slot_t::event

event used in suspending the thread when it has nothing to do

ibool srv_slot_t::in_use

TRUE if this slot is in use

ib_time_t srv_slot_t::suspend_time

time when the thread was suspended. Initialized by lock_wait_table_reserve_slot() for lock wait

ibool srv_slot_t::suspended

TRUE if the thread is waiting for the event of this slot

que_thr_t* srv_slot_t::thr

suspended query thread (only used for user threads)

srv_thread_type srv_slot_t::type

thread type: user, utility etc.

ulong srv_slot_t::wait_timeout

wait time that if exceeded the thread will be timed out. Initialized by lock_wait_table_reserve_slot() for lock wait

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