InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
sel_node_t Struct Reference

#include <row0sel.h>

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Data Fields

que_common_t common
enum sel_node_state state
que_node_t * select_list
ibool asc
ibool set_x_locks
ulint row_lock_mode
ulint n_tables
ulint fetch_table
que_node_t * search_cond
ibool consistent_read
ibool is_aggregate
ibool aggregate_already_fetched
ibool can_get_updated
ut_list_base< sym_node_tcopy_variables

Detailed Description

Select statement node

Field Documentation

ibool sel_node_t::aggregate_already_fetched

TRUE if the aggregate row has already been fetched for the current cursor

ibool sel_node_t::asc

TRUE if the rows should be fetched in an ascending order

ibool sel_node_t::can_get_updated

this is TRUE if the select is in a single-table explicit cursor which can get updated within the stored procedure, or in a searched update or delete; NOTE that to determine of an explicit cursor if it can get updated, the parser checks from a stored procedure if it contains positioned update or delete statements

que_common_t sel_node_t::common

node type: QUE_NODE_SELECT

ibool sel_node_t::consistent_read

TRUE if the select is a consistent, non-locking read

ut_list_base< sym_node_t > sel_node_t::copy_variables

variables whose values we have to copy when an explicit cursor is opened, so that they do not change between fetches

sym_node_t* sel_node_t::explicit_cursor

not NULL if an explicit cursor

ulint sel_node_t::fetch_table

number of the next table to access in the join

sym_node_t* sel_node_t::into_list

variables list or NULL

ibool sel_node_t::is_aggregate

TRUE if the select list consists of aggregate functions

ulint sel_node_t::n_tables

number of tables

order_node_t* sel_node_t::order_by

order by column definition, or NULL

plan_t* sel_node_t::plans

array of n_tables many plan nodes containing the search plan and the search data structures

read_view_t* sel_node_t::read_view

if the query is a non-locking consistent read, its read view is placed here, otherwise NULL

ulint sel_node_t::row_lock_mode


que_node_t* sel_node_t::search_cond

search condition

que_node_t* sel_node_t::select_list

select list

ibool sel_node_t::set_x_locks

TRUE if the cursor is for update or delete, which means that a row x-lock should be placed on the cursor row

enum sel_node_state sel_node_t::state

node state

sym_node_t* sel_node_t::table_list

table list

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