InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
sym_node_t Struct Reference

#include <pars0sym.h>

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Data Fields

que_common_t common
ut_list_node< sym_node_tcol_var_list
ibool copy_val
ulint field_nos [2]
ibool resolved
enum sym_tab_entry token_type
const char * name
ulint name_len
ulint col_no
ulint param_type
ut_list_node< sym_node_tsym_list

Detailed Description

Symbol table node

Field Documentation

sym_node_t* sym_node_t::alias

pointer to another symbol table node for which this node is an alias, NULL otherwise

ulint sym_node_t::col_no

column number if a column

ut_list_node< sym_node_t > sym_node_t::col_var_list

list of table columns or a list of input variables for an explicit cursor

que_common_t sym_node_t::common

node type: QUE_NODE_SYMBOL

ibool sym_node_t::copy_val

TRUE if a column and its value should be copied to dynamic memory when fetched

sel_node_t* sym_node_t::cursor_def

cursor definition select node if a named cursor

ulint sym_node_t::field_nos[2]

if a column, in the position SYM_CLUST_FIELD_NO is the field number in the clustered index; in the position SYM_SEC_FIELD_NO the field number in the non-clustered index to use first; if not found from the index, then ULINT_UNDEFINED

sym_node_t* sym_node_t::indirection

pointer to another symbol table node which contains the value for this node, NULL otherwise

const char* sym_node_t::name

name of an id

ulint sym_node_t::name_len

id name length

ulint sym_node_t::param_type

PARS_INPUT, PARS_OUTPUT, or PARS_NOT_PARAM if not a procedure parameter

sel_buf_t* sym_node_t::prefetch_buf

NULL, or a buffer for cached column values for prefetched rows

ibool sym_node_t::resolved

TRUE if the meaning of a variable or a column has been resolved; for literals this is always TRUE

ut_list_node< sym_node_t > sym_node_t::sym_list

list of symbol nodes

sym_tab_t* sym_node_t::sym_table

back pointer to the symbol table

dict_table_t* sym_node_t::table

table definition if a table id or a column id

enum sym_tab_entry sym_node_t::token_type

type of the parsed token

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