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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
abstract_query_plan.h [code]
binlog.h [code]
bounded_queue.h [code]
client_settings.h [code]
custom_conf.h [code]
datadict.h [code]
debug_sync.h [code]
delayable_insert_operation.h [code]
derror.ccRead language depeneded messagefile
derror.h [code]
des_key_file.h [code]
discover.ccFunctions for discover of frm file from handler
discover.h [code]
dynamic_ids.h [code]
event_data_objects.h [code]
event_db_repository.h [code]
event_parse_data.h [code]
event_queue.h [code]
event_scheduler.h [code]
events.h [code]
field.ccThis file implements classes defined in field.h
field.h [code]
field_conv.ccFunctions to copy data to or from fields
filesort.ccSorts a database
filesort.h [code]
filesort_utils.h [code]
frm_crypt.h [code]
gcalc_slicescan.h [code]
gcalc_tools.h [code]
global_threads.h [code]
gstream.h [code]
ha_ndb_index_stat.h [code]
ha_ndbcluster.ccThis file defines the NDB Cluster handler: the interface between MySQL and NDB Cluster
ha_ndbcluster.h [code]
ha_ndbcluster_binlog.h [code]
ha_ndbcluster_cond.h [code]
ha_ndbcluster_connection.h [code]
ha_ndbcluster_glue.h [code]
ha_ndbcluster_push.ccThis file defines various classes and methods used for pushing queries to the ndb data node (for execution by the SPJ block)
ha_ndbcluster_push.h [code]
ha_ndbcluster_tables.h [code]
ha_ndbinfo.h [code]
ha_partition.h [code]
handler.h [code]
hash_filo.h [code]
hostname.ccGet hostname for an IP address
hostname.h [code]
init.ccInit and dummy functions for interface with unireg
init.h [code]
item.h [code]
item_buff.ccBuffers to save and compare item values
item_cmpfunc.ccThis file defines all compare functions
item_cmpfunc.h [code]
item_create.ccFunctions to create an item. Used by sql_yac.yy
item_create.h [code]
item_func.ccThis file defines all numerical functions
item_func.h [code]
item_geofunc.ccThis file defines all spatial functions
item_geofunc.h [code]
item_inetfunc.h [code]
item_row.h [code]
item_strfunc.ccThis file defines all string functions
item_strfunc.h [code]
item_subselect.ccSubselect Item
item_subselect.h [code]
item_sum.ccSum functions (COUNT, MIN...)
item_sum.h [code]
item_timefunc.ccThis file defines all time functions
item_timefunc.h [code]
item_xmlfunc.h [code]
key.h [code]
keycaches.h [code]
lex.h [code]
lex_symbol.h [code]
lock.h [code]
log.ccLogging of commands
log.h [code]
log_event.h [code]Binary log event definitions. This includes generic code common to all types of log events, as well as specific code for each type of log event
log_event_old.h [code]This file contains classes handling old formats of row-based binlog events
mdl.h [code]
mem_root_array.h [code]
merge_sort.h [code]Merge sort and insert sort implementations. These sorting functions are primarily intended for sorting of JOIN_TABs before the greedy search algorithm is applied. Since the JOIN_TAB comparison functions (Join_tab_compare*) are not transitive, the resulting order depends on the sorting implementation to a certain degree
message.h [code]
my_decimal.h [code]
mysqld.h [code]
mysqld_suffix.h [code]
ndb_dist_priv_util.h [code]
ndb_global_schema_lock.h [code]
ndb_global_schema_lock_guard.h [code]
ndb_local_connection.h [code]
ndb_mi.h [code]
ndb_share.h [code]
ndb_table_guard.h [code]
ndb_thd.h [code]
ndb_thd_ndb.h [code]
nt_servc.ccWindows NT Service class library
nt_servc.h [code]Windows NT Service class library
opt_explain.h [code]
opt_explain_format.h [code]
opt_explain_json.h [code]
opt_explain_traditional.h [code]
opt_range.h [code]
opt_trace.h [code]
opt_trace_context.h [code]
parse_file.ccText .frm files management routines
parse_file.h [code]
partition_element.h [code]
partition_info.h [code]
procedure.h [code]
protocol.h [code]
records.ccFunctions for easy reading of records, possible through a cache
records.h [code]
replication.h [code]
rpl_constants.h [code]
rpl_filter.h [code]
rpl_gtid.h [code]
rpl_handler.h [code]
rpl_info.h [code]
rpl_info_dummy.h [code]
rpl_info_factory.h [code]
rpl_info_file.h [code]
rpl_info_handler.h [code]
rpl_info_table.h [code]
rpl_info_table_access.h [code]
rpl_info_values.h [code]
rpl_injector.h [code]
rpl_master.h [code]
rpl_mi.h [code]
rpl_record.h [code]
rpl_record_old.h [code]
rpl_reporting.h [code]
rpl_rli.h [code]
rpl_rli_pdb.h [code]
rpl_slave.ccCode to run the io thread and the sql thread on the replication slave
rpl_slave.h [code]
rpl_tblmap.h [code]
rpl_utility.h [code]
scheduler.h [code]
set_var.h [code]
sp.h [code]
sp_cache.h [code]
sp_head.h [code]
sp_instr.h [code]
sp_pcontext.h [code]
sp_rcontext.h [code]
spatial.h [code]
sql_acl.h [code]
sql_admin.h [code]
sql_alloc.h [code]
sql_alter.h [code]
sql_analyse.h [code]
sql_array.h [code]
sql_audit.h [code]
sql_base.h [code]
sql_binlog.h [code]
sql_bitmap.h [code]
sql_bootstrap.h [code]
sql_cache.h [code]
sql_callback.h [code]
sql_class.h [code]
sql_cmd.h [code]
sql_connect.h [code]
sql_const.h [code]
sql_crypt.h [code]
sql_cursor.h [code]
sql_data_change.h [code]
sql_db.h [code]
sql_delete.h [code]
sql_derived.h [code]
sql_digest.h [code]
sql_digest_stream.h [code]
sql_do.h [code]
sql_error.h [code]
sql_executor.ccQuery execution
sql_executor.h [code]
sql_get_diagnostics.h [code]
sql_handler.h [code]
sql_help.h [code]
sql_hset.h [code]
sql_insert.h [code]
sql_join_buffer.ccJoin cache optimizations
sql_join_buffer.h [code]
sql_lex.h [code]
sql_list.h [code]
sql_load.h [code]
sql_locale.h [code]
sql_manager.h [code]
sql_optimizer.ccMysql_select and join optimization
sql_optimizer.h [code]
sql_parse.h [code]
sql_partition.h [code]
sql_partition_admin.h [code]
sql_planner.ccCreate plan for a single select
sql_planner.h [code]
sql_plist.h [code]
sql_plugin.h [code]
sql_plugin_services.h [code]
sql_prepare.h [code]
sql_priv.h [code]
sql_profile.h [code]
sql_reload.h [code]
sql_rename.h [code]
sql_resolver.ccImplementation of name resolution stage
sql_resolver.h [code]
sql_rewrite.h [code]
sql_select.ccMysql_select and join optimization
sql_select.h [code]Classes to use when handling where clause
sql_servers.h [code]
sql_show.h [code]
sql_signal.h [code]
sql_sort.h [code]
sql_string.h [code]
sql_table.h [code]
sql_tablespace.h [code]
sql_test.h [code]
sql_time.h [code]
sql_tmp_table.h [code]Temporary table handling functions
sql_trigger.h [code]
sql_truncate.h [code]
sql_udf.h [code]
sql_union.h [code]
sql_update.h [code]
sql_view.h [code]
sql_yacc.h [code]
strfunc.h [code]
string_service.h [code]
structs.h [code]
sys_vars.h [code]
sys_vars_shared.h [code]
table.h [code]
table_cache.h [code]
table_id.h [code]
thr_malloc.h [code]
transaction.h [code]
tzfile.h [code]
tztime.h [code]
unireg.h [code]
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