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sys_vars_shared.h File Reference
#include <sql_priv.h>
#include "set_var.h"

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class  PolyLock
class  PolyLock_mutex
class  PolyLock_rwlock
class  AutoWLock
class  AutoRLock


bool throw_bounds_warning (THD *thd, const char *name, bool fixed, bool is_unsigned, longlong v)
bool throw_bounds_warning (THD *thd, const char *name, bool fixed, double v)
sys_varintern_find_sys_var (const char *str, uint length)


sys_var_chain all_sys_vars

Detailed Description

"protected" interface to sys_var - server configuration variables.

This header is included by files implementing support and utility functions of sys_var's ( and files implementing classes in the sys_var hierarchy (

Function Documentation

sys_var* intern_find_sys_var ( const char *  str,
uint  length 

Find a user set-table variable.

strName of system variable to find
lengthLength of variable. zero means that we should use strlen() on the variable
Return values:
pointerpointer to variable definitions
0Unknown variable (error message is given)
bool throw_bounds_warning ( THD *  thd,
const char *  name,
bool  fixed,
bool  is_unsigned,
longlong  v 

Throw warning (error in STRICT mode) if value for variable needed bounding. Plug-in interface also uses this.

thdthread handle
namevariable's name
fixeddid we have to correct the value? (throw warn/err if so)
is_unsignedis value's type unsigned?
vvariable's value
Return values:
trueon error, false otherwise (warning or ok)
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