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Read language depeneded messagefile. More...

#include "sql_priv.h"
#include "unireg.h"
#include "derror.h"
#include "mysys_err.h"
#include "mysqld.h"
#include "sql_class.h"


C_MODE_END bool init_errmessage (void)
bool read_texts (const char *file_name, const char *language, const char ***point, uint error_messages)

Detailed Description

Read language depeneded messagefile.

Function Documentation

C_MODE_END bool init_errmessage ( void  )

Read messages from errorfile.

This function can be called multiple times to reload the messages. If it fails to load the messages, it will fail softly by initializing the errmesg pointer to an array of empty strings or by keeping the old array if it exists.

Return values:
bool read_texts ( const char *  file_name,
const char *  language,
const char ***  point,
uint  error_messages 

Read text from packed textfile in language-directory.

If we can't read messagefile then it's panic- we can't continue.

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