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sql_cursor.h File Reference
#include "sql_class.h"

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class  Server_side_cursor


bool mysql_open_cursor (THD *thd, select_result *result, Server_side_cursor **res)

Detailed Description

Declarations for implementation of server side cursors. Only read-only non-scrollable cursors are currently implemented.

Function Documentation

bool mysql_open_cursor ( THD *  thd,
select_result *  result,
Server_side_cursor **  pcursor 

Attempt to open a materialized cursor.

thdthread handle
[in]resultresult class of the caller used as a destination for the rows fetched from the cursor
[out]pcursora pointer to store a pointer to cursor in
Error status
Return values:
false-- the query has been successfully executed; in this case pcursor may or may not contain a pointer to an open cursor.
true-- an error, 'pcursor' has been left intact.
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