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#include "my_global.h"
#include "sql_priv.h"
#include "sql_class.h"
#include "rpl_gtid.h"
#include "sys_vars.h"
#include "mysql_com.h"
#include "events.h"
#include <thr_alarm.h>
#include "rpl_slave.h"
#include "rpl_mi.h"
#include "rpl_rli.h"
#include "rpl_info_factory.h"
#include "transaction.h"
#include "opt_trace.h"
#include "mysqld.h"
#include "lock.h"
#include "sql_time.h"
#include "sql_acl.h"
#include "derror.h"
#include "sql_base.h"
#include "debug_sync.h"
#include "hostname.h"
#include "sql_show.h"
#include "table_cache.h"
#include "my_aes.h"
#include "log_event.h"


#define export   /* not static */
#define SSL_OPT(X)   NO_CMD_LINE


void close_thread_tables (THD *thd)
export bool fix_delay_key_write (sys_var *self, THD *thd, enum_var_type type)
void sql_mode_deprecation_warnings (sql_mode_t sql_mode)
export sql_mode_t expand_sql_mode (sql_mode_t sql_mode)
export bool sql_mode_string_representation (THD *thd, sql_mode_t sql_mode, LEX_STRING *ls)


TYPELIB bool_typelib = { array_elements(bool_values)-1, "", bool_values, 0 }
ulong opt_mi_repository_id = INFO_REPOSITORY_FILE
ulong opt_rli_repository_id = INFO_REPOSITORY_FILE
export sys_varSys_autocommit_ptr = &Sys_autocommit

Detailed Description

Definitions of all server's session or global variables.

How to add new variables:

1. copy one of the existing variables, and edit the declaration. 2. if you need special behavior on assignment or additional checks use ON_CHECK and ON_UPDATE callbacks. 3. *Don't* add new Sys_var classes or uncle Occam will come with his razor to haunt you at nights

Note - all storage engine variables (for example myisam_whatever) should go into the corresponding storage engine sources (for example in storage/myisam/ !

Function Documentation

export bool fix_delay_key_write ( sys_var self,
THD *  thd,
enum_var_type  type 
When updating myisam_delay_key_write, we should do a 'flush tables' of all MyISAM tables to ensure that they are reopen with the new attribute.
void sql_mode_deprecation_warnings ( sql_mode_t  sql_mode)

If sql_mode is set throught the client, the deprecation warning should go to the client connection. If it is used as server startup option, it will go the error-log if the deprecated sql_modes are used.

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