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st_position Struct Reference

#include <sql_select.h>

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Public Member Functions

void no_semijoin ()
void set_prefix_costs (double read_time_arg, double row_count_arg)

Public Attributes

double records_read
double read_time
table_map ref_depend_map
bool use_join_buffer
Cost_estimate prefix_cost
double prefix_record_count
uint sj_strategy
uint n_sj_tables
table_map dups_producing_tables
uint first_loosescan_table
table_map loosescan_need_tables
uint loosescan_key
uint loosescan_parts
uint first_firstmatch_table
table_map first_firstmatch_rtbl
table_map firstmatch_need_tables
uint first_dupsweedout_table
table_map dupsweedout_tables
uint sjm_scan_last_inner
table_map sjm_scan_need_tables

Detailed Description

A position of table within a join order. This structure is primarily used as a part of join->positions and join->best_positions arrays.

One POSITION element contains information about:

This class has to stay a POD, because it is memcpy'd in many places.

Member Function Documentation

void st_position::no_semijoin ( ) [inline]

Even if the query has no semijoin, two sj-related members are read and must thus have been set, by this function.

Member Data Documentation

Bitmap of semi-join inner tables that are in the join prefix and for which there's no provision yet for how to eliminate semi-join duplicates which they produce.

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