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Cost_estimate Class Reference

#include <handler.h>

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Public Member Functions

double total_cost () const
 Returns sum of time-consuming costs, i.e., not counting memory cost.
double get_io_cost () const
double get_cpu_cost () const
double get_import_cost () const
double get_mem_cost () const
bool is_zero () const
void reset ()
 Reset all costs to zero.
void multiply (double m)
 Multiply io, cpu and import costs by parameter.
Cost_estimateoperator+= (const Cost_estimate &other)
Cost_estimate operator+ (const Cost_estimate &other)
void add_io (double add_io_cost)
 Add to IO cost.
void add_cpu (double add_cpu_cost)
 Add to CPU cost.
void add_import (double add_import_cost)
 Add to import cost.
void add_mem (double add_mem_cost)
 Add to memory cost.

Static Public Member Functions

static double IO_BLOCK_READ_COST ()
 The cost of one I/O operation.

Detailed Description

Used to store optimizer cost estimates.

The class consists of PODs only: default operator=, copy constructor and destructor are used.

Member Function Documentation

bool Cost_estimate::is_zero ( ) const [inline]

Whether or not all costs in the object are zero

true if all costs are zero, false otherwise

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