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Bitmap< default_width > Class Template Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Bitmap (const Bitmap &from)
 Bitmap (uint prefix_to_set)
void init ()
void init (uint prefix_to_set)
uint length () const
Bitmapoperator= (const Bitmap &map2)
void set_bit (uint n)
void clear_bit (uint n)
void set_prefix (uint n)
void set_all ()
void clear_all ()
void intersect (const Bitmap &map2)
void intersect (ulonglong map2buff)
void intersect_extended (ulonglong map2buff)
void subtract (const Bitmap &map2)
void merge (const Bitmap &map2)
my_bool is_set (uint n) const
my_bool is_prefix (uint n) const
my_bool is_clear_all () const
my_bool is_set_all () const
my_bool is_subset (const Bitmap &map2) const
my_bool is_overlapping (const Bitmap &map2) const
my_bool operator== (const Bitmap &map2) const
my_bool operator!= (const Bitmap &map2) const
char * print (char *buf) const
ulonglong to_ulonglong () const
uint bits_set () const

template<uint default_width>
class Bitmap< default_width >

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