InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
purge_node_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

que_common_t common
roll_ptr_t roll_ptr
undo_no_t undo_no
ulint rec_type
ulint cmpl_info
ibool found_clust
btr_pcur_t pcur
ibool done

Field Documentation

que_common_t purge_node_t::common

node type: QUE_NODE_PURGE

mem_heap_t* purge_node_t::heap

memory heap used as auxiliary storage for row; this must be emptied after a successful purge of a row

dict_index_t* purge_node_t::index

NULL, or the next index whose record should be handled

btr_pcur_t purge_node_t::pcur

persistent cursor used in searching the clustered index record

dtuple_t* purge_node_t::ref

NULL, or row reference to the next row to handle

dtuple_t* purge_node_t::row

NULL, or a copy (also fields copied to heap) of the indexed fields of the row to handle

dict_table_t* purge_node_t::table

table where purge is done

ib_vector_t* purge_node_t::undo_recs

Undo recs to purge

upd_t* purge_node_t::update

update vector for a clustered index record

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