InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
btr_pcur_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

btr_cur_t btr_cur
ulint latch_mode
ulint old_stored
rec_t * old_rec
ulint old_n_fields
ulint rel_pos
ib_uint64_t modify_clock
enum pcur_pos_t pos_state
ulint search_mode
byte * old_rec_buf
ulint buf_size

Field Documentation

btr_cur_t btr_pcur_t::btr_cur

a B-tree cursor

ulint btr_pcur_t::buf_size

old_rec_buf size if old_rec_buf is not NULL

ulint btr_pcur_t::latch_mode

see TODO note below! BTR_SEARCH_LEAF, BTR_MODIFY_LEAF, BTR_MODIFY_TREE, or BTR_NO_LATCHES, depending on the latching state of the page and tree where the cursor is positioned; BTR_NO_LATCHES means that the cursor is not currently positioned: we say then that the cursor is detached; it can be restored to attached if the old position was stored in old_rec

ib_uint64_t btr_pcur_t::modify_clock

the modify clock value of the buffer block when the cursor position was stored

ulint btr_pcur_t::old_n_fields

number of fields in old_rec

rec_t* btr_pcur_t::old_rec

if cursor position is stored, contains an initial segment of the latest record cursor was positioned either on, before, or after

byte* btr_pcur_t::old_rec_buf

NULL, or a dynamically allocated buffer for old_rec

ulint btr_pcur_t::old_stored


enum pcur_pos_t btr_pcur_t::pos_state

btr_pcur_store_position() and btr_pcur_restore_position() state.

ulint btr_pcur_t::rel_pos

BTR_PCUR_ON, BTR_PCUR_BEFORE, or BTR_PCUR_AFTER, depending on whether cursor was on, before, or after the old_rec record

ulint btr_pcur_t::search_mode


trx_t* btr_pcur_t::trx_if_known

the transaction, if we know it; otherwise this field is not defined; can ONLY BE USED in error prints in fatal assertion failures!

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