InnoDB Plugin  1.0
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row0purge.h File Reference
#include "univ.i"
#include "data0data.h"
#include "btr0types.h"
#include "btr0pcur.h"
#include "dict0types.h"
#include "trx0types.h"
#include "que0types.h"
#include "row0types.h"
#include "row0purge.h"
#include "ut0vec.h"
#include "row0purge.ic"
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Data Structures

struct  purge_node_t


UNIV_INTERN purge_node_trow_purge_node_create (que_thr_t *parent, mem_heap_t *heap))
UNIV_INTERN bool row_purge_poss_sec (purge_node_t *node, dict_index_t *index, const dtuple_t *entry))
UNIV_INTERN que_thr_trow_purge_step (que_thr_t *thr))

Detailed Description

Purge obsolete records

Created 3/14/1997 Heikki Tuuri

Function Documentation

UNIV_INTERN purge_node_t* row_purge_node_create ( que_thr_t parent,
mem_heap_t heap 

Creates a purge node to a query graph.

own: purge node
parentin: parent node, i.e., a thr node
heapin: memory heap where created
UNIV_INTERN bool row_purge_poss_sec ( purge_node_t node,
dict_index_t index,
const dtuple_t entry 

Determines if it is possible to remove a secondary index entry. Removal is possible if the secondary index entry does not refer to any not delete marked version of a clustered index record where DB_TRX_ID is newer than the purge view.

NOTE: This function should only be called by the purge thread, only while holding a latch on the leaf page of the secondary index entry (or keeping the buffer pool watch on the page). It is possible that this function first returns true and then false, if a user transaction inserts a record that the secondary index entry would refer to. However, in that case, the user transaction would also re-insert the secondary index entry after purge has removed it and released the leaf page latch.

true if the secondary index record can be purged
nodein/out: row purge node
indexin: secondary index
entryin: secondary index entry
UNIV_INTERN que_thr_t* row_purge_step ( que_thr_t thr)
thrin: query thread