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Public Attributes
st_key Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

uint key_length
ulong flags
ulong actual_flags
uint user_defined_key_parts
uint actual_key_parts
uint unused_key_parts
uint usable_key_parts
uint block_size
enum ha_key_alg algorithm
union {
   plugin_ref   parser
   LEX_STRING *   parser_name
char * name
ulong * rec_per_key
union {
   int   bdb_return_if_eq
LEX_STRING comment

Member Data Documentation

union { ... }

Note that parser is used when the table is opened for use, and parser_name is used when the table is being created.

dupp key and pack flags for actual key parts

How many key_parts including hidden parts

dupp key and pack flags

Tot length of key

char* st_key::name

Name of key

Fulltext [pre]parser

LEX_STRING* st_key::parser_name

Fulltext [pre]parser name

Array of AVG(#records with the same field value) for 1st ... Nth key part. 0 means 'not known'. For temporary heap tables this member is NULL.

Key parts allocated for primary key parts extension but not used due to some reasons(no primary key, duplicated key parts)

Should normally be = key_parts

How many key_parts

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