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Key Class Reference
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Sql_alloc Foreign_key

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Public Types

enum  Keytype {

Public Member Functions

 Key (enum Keytype type_par, const LEX_STRING &name_arg, KEY_CREATE_INFO *key_info_arg, bool generated_arg, List< Key_part_spec > &cols)
 Key (enum Keytype type_par, const char *name_arg, size_t name_len_arg, KEY_CREATE_INFO *key_info_arg, bool generated_arg, List< Key_part_spec > &cols)
 Key (const Key &rhs, MEM_ROOT *mem_root)
virtual Keyclone (MEM_ROOT *mem_root) const

Public Attributes

enum Keytype type
KEY_CREATE_INFO key_create_info
List< Key_part_speccolumns
bool generated


bool foreign_key_prefix (Key *a, Key *b)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Key::Key ( const Key rhs,
MEM_ROOT *  mem_root 

Construct an (almost) deep copy of this key. Only those elements that are known to never change are not copied. If out of memory, a partial copy is returned and an error is set in THD.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Key* Key::clone ( MEM_ROOT *  mem_root) const [inline, virtual]

Used to make a clone of this object for ALTER/CREATE TABLE

See also:
comment for Key_part_spec::clone

Reimplemented in Foreign_key.

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