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READ_RECORD Struct Reference

#include <records.h>

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Public Types

typedef int(* Read_func )(READ_RECORD *)
typedef void(* Unlock_row_func )(st_join_table *)
typedef int(* Setup_func )(JOIN_TAB *)

Public Attributes

TABLE ** forms
Unlock_row_func unlock_row
Read_func read_record
THD * thd
uint cache_records
uint ref_length
uint struct_length
uint reclength
uint rec_cache_size
uint error_offset
uint index
uchar * ref_pos
uchar * record
uchar * rec_buf
uchar * cache
uchar * cache_pos
uchar * cache_end
uchar * read_positions
struct st_io_cache * io_cache
bool print_error
bool ignore_not_found_rows

Detailed Description

A context for reading through a single table using a chosen access method: index read, scan, etc, use of cache, etc.

Use by:

  READ_RECORD read_record;
  if (init_read_record(&read_record, ...))
    return TRUE;
  while (read_record.read_record())

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