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SQL_SELECT Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void cleanup ()
void set_quick (QUICK_SELECT_I *new_quick)
bool check_quick (THD *thd, bool force_quick_range, ha_rows limit)
bool skip_record (THD *thd, bool *skip_record)
int test_quick_select (THD *thd, key_map keys, table_map prev_tables, ha_rows limit, bool force_quick_range, const ORDER::enum_order interesting_order)

Public Attributes

ha_rows records
double read_time
key_map quick_keys
key_map needed_reg
table_map const_tables
table_map read_tables
bool free_cond
bool traced_before

Member Data Documentation

Used for QS_DYNAMIC_RANGE, i.e., "Range checked for each record". Used by optimizer tracing to decide whether or not dynamic range analysis of this select has been traced already. If optimizer trace option DYNAMIC_RANGE is enabled, range analysis will be traced with different ranges for every record to the left of this table in the join. If disabled, range analysis will only be traced for the first range.

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