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ndb_pushed_builder_ctx Class Reference

#include <ha_ndbcluster_push.h>

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struct  pushed_tables
struct  table_remap

Public Member Functions

 ndb_pushed_builder_ctx (const AQP::Join_plan &plan)
int make_pushed_join (const AQP::Table_access *join_root, const ndb_pushed_join *&pushed_join)
const NdbError & getNdbError () const

Detailed Description

Contains the context and helper methods used during ::make_pushed_join().

Interacts with the AQP which provides interface to the query prepared by the mysqld optimizer.

Execution plans built for pushed joins are stored inside this builder context.

Member Function Documentation

int ndb_pushed_builder_ctx::make_pushed_join ( const AQP::Table_access join_root,
const ndb_pushed_join *&  pushed_join 

Build the pushed query identified with 'is_pushable_with_root()'. Returns: = 0: A NdbQueryDef has successfully been prepared for execution. > 0: Returned value is the error code. < 0: There is a pending NdbError to be retrieved with getNdbError()

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