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AQP::Join_plan Class Reference

#include <abstract_query_plan.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Join_plan (const JOIN *join)
const Table_accessget_table_access (uint access_no) const
uint get_access_count () const


class Equal_set_iterator
class Table_access

Detailed Description

This class represents a query plan for an n-way join, in the form a sequence of n table access operations that will execute as a nested loop join.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AQP::Join_plan::Join_plan ( const JOIN join) [explicit]
join_tabArray of access methods constituting the nested loop join.
access_countLength of array.

Member Function Documentation

uint AQP::Join_plan::get_access_count ( ) const [inline]
The number of table access operations in the nested loop join.
const Table_access * AQP::Join_plan::get_table_access ( uint  access_no) const [inline]

Get the n'th table access operation.

access_noThe index of the table access operation to fetch.
The access_no'th table access operation.

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