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TRP_GROUP_MIN_MAX Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void trace_basic_info (const PARAM *param, Opt_trace_object *trace_object) const
 TRP_GROUP_MIN_MAX (bool have_min_arg, bool have_max_arg, bool have_agg_distinct_arg, KEY_PART_INFO *min_max_arg_part_arg, uint group_prefix_len_arg, uint used_key_parts_arg, uint group_key_parts_arg, KEY *index_info_arg, uint index_arg, uint key_infix_len_arg, uchar *key_infix_arg, SEL_TREE *tree_arg, SEL_ARG *index_tree_arg, uint param_idx_arg, ha_rows quick_prefix_records_arg)
QUICK_SELECT_Imake_quick (PARAM *param, bool retrieve_full_rows, MEM_ROOT *parent_alloc)
void use_index_scan ()

Public Attributes

ha_rows quick_prefix_records

Member Function Documentation

void TRP_GROUP_MIN_MAX::trace_basic_info ( const PARAM param,
Opt_trace_object trace_object 
) const [virtual]

Add basic info for this TABLE_READ_PLAN to the optimizer trace.

paramParameters for range analysis of this table
trace_objectThe optimizer trace object the info is appended to


Member Data Documentation

Number of records selected by the ranges in index_tree.

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