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Sroutine_hash_entry Class Reference

#include <sp.h>

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MDL_request mdl_request
ulong m_sp_cache_version

Detailed Description

Structure that represents element in the set of stored routines used by statement or routine.

Member Data Documentation

Uppermost view which directly or indirectly uses this routine. 0 if routine is not used in view. Note that it also can be 0 if statement uses routine both via view and directly.

This is for prepared statement validation purposes. A statement looks up and pre-loads all its stored functions at prepare. Later on, if a function is gone from the cache, execute may fail. Remember the version of sp_head at prepare to be able to invalidate the prepared statement at execute if it changes.

Metadata lock request for routine. MDL_key in this request is also used as a key for set.

Next element in list linking all routines in set. See also comments for LEX::sroutine/sroutine_list and sp_head::m_sroutines.

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