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MDL_key Class Reference

#include <mdl.h>

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Public Types

enum  enum_mdl_namespace {

Public Member Functions

const uchar * ptr () const
uint length () const
const char * db_name () const
uint db_name_length () const
const char * name () const
uint name_length () const
enum_mdl_namespace mdl_namespace () const
void mdl_key_init (enum_mdl_namespace mdl_namespace, const char *db, const char *name)
void mdl_key_init (const MDL_key *rhs)
bool is_equal (const MDL_key *rhs) const
int cmp (const MDL_key *rhs) const
 MDL_key (const MDL_key *rhs)
 MDL_key (enum_mdl_namespace namespace_arg, const char *db_arg, const char *name_arg)
const PSI_stage_info * get_wait_state_name () const

Detailed Description

Metadata lock object key.

A lock is requested or granted based on a fully qualified name and type. E.g. They key for a table consists of <0 (=table)>+<database>+

Elsewhere in the comments this triple will be referred to simply as "key" or "name".

Member Enumeration Documentation

Object namespaces. Sic: when adding a new member to this enum make sure to update m_namespace_to_wait_state_name array in!

Different types of objects exist in different namespaces

  • TABLE is for tables and views.
  • FUNCTION is for stored functions.
  • PROCEDURE is for stored procedures.
  • TRIGGER is for triggers.
  • EVENT is for event scheduler events Note that although there isn't metadata locking on triggers, it's necessary to have a separate namespace for them since MDL_key is also used outside of the MDL subsystem.

Member Function Documentation

int MDL_key::cmp ( const MDL_key rhs) const [inline]

Compare two MDL keys lexicographically.

const PSI_stage_info* MDL_key::get_wait_state_name ( ) const [inline]

Get thread state name to be used in case when we have to wait on resource identified by key.

void MDL_key::mdl_key_init ( enum_mdl_namespace  mdl_namespace,
const char *  db,
const char *  name 
) [inline]

Construct a metadata lock key from a triplet (mdl_namespace, database and name).

The key for a table is <mdl_namespace>+<database name>="">+
mdl_namespace Id of namespace of object to be locked
dbName of database to which the object belongs
nameName of of the object
keyWhere to store the the MDL key.

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