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MDL_map Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void init ()
void destroy ()
MDL_lockfind_or_insert (const MDL_key *key)
void remove (MDL_lock *lock)

Detailed Description

A collection of all MDL locks. A singleton, there is only one instance of the map in the server. Contains instances of MDL_map_partition

Member Function Documentation

void MDL_map::destroy ( )

Destroy the container for all MDL locks.

It must be empty.
MDL_lock * MDL_map::find_or_insert ( const MDL_key mdl_key)

Find MDL_lock object corresponding to the key, create it if it does not exist.

Return values:
non-NULL- Success. MDL_lock instance for the key with locked MDL_lock::m_rwlock.
NULL- Failure (OOM).
void MDL_map::init ( )

Initialize the container for all MDL locks.

void MDL_map::remove ( MDL_lock lock)

Destroy MDL_lock object or delegate this responsibility to whatever thread that holds the last outstanding reference to it.

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