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Item_direct_view_ref Class Reference
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Item_direct_ref Item_ref Item_ident Item

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Public Member Functions

 Item_direct_view_ref (Name_resolution_context *context_arg, Item **item, const char *alias_name_arg, const char *table_name_arg, const char *field_name_arg)
 Item_direct_view_ref (THD *thd, Item_direct_ref *item)
virtual bool subst_argument_checker (uchar **arg)
bool fix_fields (THD *, Item **)
bool eq (const Item *item, bool binary_cmp) const
Itemget_tmp_table_item (THD *thd)
virtual Ref_Type ref_type ()

Member Function Documentation

bool Item_direct_view_ref::eq ( const Item item,
bool  binary_cmp 
) const [virtual]

Compare two view column references for equality.

A view column reference is considered equal to another column reference if the second one is a view column and if both column references resolve to the same item. It is assumed that both items are of the same type.

itemitem to compare with
binary_cmpmake binary comparison
Return values:
TRUEReferenced item is equal to given item

Reimplemented from Item_ref.

bool Item_direct_view_ref::fix_fields ( THD *  thd,
Item **  reference 
) [virtual]

Prepare referenced field then call usual Item_direct_ref::fix_fields .

thdthread handler
referencereference on reference where this item stored
Return values:

Reimplemented from Item_ref.

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