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Item_direct_view_ref Member List
This is the complete list of members for Item_direct_view_ref, including all inherited members.
add_field_to_set_processor(uchar *arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
addr(uint i) (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
AGGREGATE_REF enum value (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref
alias_name_used (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident
basic_const_item() const (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
bring_value() (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
cache_const_expr_analyzer(uchar **arg)Item [virtual]
cache_const_expr_transformer(uchar *arg)Item [virtual]
CACHE_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
cached_field_index (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident
cached_table (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident
can_be_evaluated_now() const Item [virtual]
cast_to_int_type() const (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
change_context_processor(uchar *cntx) (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident [inline, virtual]
charset_for_protocol(void) const (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
check_cols(uint c) (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
check_partition_func_processor(uchar *bool_arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
check_valid_arguments_processor(uchar *bool_arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
check_well_formed_result(String *str, bool send_error=0)Item
clean_up_after_removal(uchar *arg)Item [inline, virtual]
cleanup() (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [virtual]
cleanup_processor(uchar *arg)Item [virtual]
clone_item() (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
cmp_context (defined in Item)Item
collation (defined in Item)Item
collect_item_field_processor(uchar *arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
cols() (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
compare_collation() (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
compile(Item_analyzer analyzer, uchar **arg_p, Item_transformer transformer, uchar *arg_t)Item_ref [virtual]
COND_FALSE enum value (defined in Item)Item
COND_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
COND_OK enum value (defined in Item)Item
cond_result enum name (defined in Item)Item
COND_TRUE enum value (defined in Item)Item
COND_UNDEF enum value (defined in Item)Item
const_during_execution() const (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
const_item() const (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
context (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident
copy_andor_structure(THD *thd, bool real_items=false)Item [inline, virtual]
copy_or_same(THD *thd) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
COPY_STR_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
created_by_in2exists() const Item_ref [inline, virtual]
datetime_precision()Item [virtual]
db_name (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident
decimal_int_part() const (defined in Item)Item [inline]
DECIMAL_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
decimal_precision() const (defined in Item)Item [virtual]
decimals (defined in Item)Item
default_charset() (defined in Item)Item [static]
DEFAULT_VALUE_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
delete_self() (defined in Item)Item [inline]
depended_from (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident
DIRECT_REF enum value (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref
element_index(uint i) (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
eq(const Item *item, bool binary_cmp) const Item_direct_view_ref [virtual]
eq_by_collation(Item *item, bool binary_cmp, const CHARSET_INFO *cs) (defined in Item)Item
eq_cmp_result() const (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
equal_fields_propagator(uchar *arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
equality_substitution_analyzer(uchar **arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
equality_substitution_transformer(uchar *arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
explain_subquery_checker(uchar **arg) (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
explain_subquery_propagator(uchar *arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
FIELD_AVG_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
field_for_view_update() (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
FIELD_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
field_name (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident
FIELD_STD_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
field_type() const (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
FIELD_VARIANCE_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
find_function_processor(uchar *arg)Item [inline, virtual]
find_item_in_field_list_processor(uchar *arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
find_item_processor(uchar *arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
fix_after_pullout(st_select_lex *parent_select, st_select_lex *removed_select)Item_ref [virtual]
fix_char_length(uint32 max_char_length_arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline]
fix_char_length_ulonglong(ulonglong max_char_length_arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline]
fix_fields(THD *, Item **)Item_direct_view_ref [virtual]
fix_length_and_charset(uint32 max_char_length_arg, const CHARSET_INFO *cs) (defined in Item)Item [inline]
fix_length_and_charset_datetime(uint32 max_char_length_arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline]
fix_length_and_dec_and_charset_datetime(uint32 max_char_length_arg, uint8 dec_arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline]
fixed (defined in Item)Item
float_length(uint decimals_par) const (defined in Item)Item [inline]
full_name() const (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident [virtual]
FUNC_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
get_date(MYSQL_TIME *ltime, uint fuzzydate) (defined in Item_direct_ref)Item_direct_ref [virtual]
get_date_from_decimal(MYSQL_TIME *ltime, uint flags)Item [protected]
get_date_from_int(MYSQL_TIME *ltime, uint flags)Item [protected]
get_date_from_non_temporal(MYSQL_TIME *ltime, uint fuzzydate)Item [protected]
get_date_from_numeric(MYSQL_TIME *ltime, uint fuzzydate)Item [protected]
get_date_from_real(MYSQL_TIME *ltime, uint flags)Item [protected]
get_date_from_string(MYSQL_TIME *ltime, uint flags)Item [protected]
get_date_from_time(MYSQL_TIME *ltime)Item [protected]
get_date_result(MYSQL_TIME *ltime, uint fuzzydate) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
get_geometry_type() const (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
get_monotonicity_info() const (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
get_settable_routine_parameter() (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
get_time(MYSQL_TIME *ltime) (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
get_time_from_date(MYSQL_TIME *ltime)Item [protected]
get_time_from_datetime(MYSQL_TIME *ltime)Item [protected]
get_time_from_decimal(MYSQL_TIME *ltime)Item [protected]
get_time_from_int(MYSQL_TIME *ltime)Item [protected]
get_time_from_non_temporal(MYSQL_TIME *ltime)Item [protected]
get_time_from_numeric(MYSQL_TIME *ltime)Item [protected]
get_time_from_real(MYSQL_TIME *ltime)Item [protected]
get_time_from_string(MYSQL_TIME *ltime)Item [protected]
get_timeval(struct timeval *tm, int *warnings)Item [virtual]
get_tmp_table_field() (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
get_tmp_table_item(THD *thd) (defined in Item_direct_view_ref)Item_direct_view_ref [inline, virtual]
has_compatible_context(Item *item) const Item [inline]
has_stored_program() const Item_ref [inline, virtual]
has_subquery() const Item_ref [inline, virtual]
inform_item_in_cond_of_tab(uchar *join_tab_index) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
init_make_field(Send_field *tmp_field, enum enum_field_types type) (defined in Item)Item
insert_fields (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident [friend]
INSERT_VALUE_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
INT_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
intro_version(uchar *int_arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
is_blob_field() const Item
is_bool_func() (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
is_expensive() (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
is_null() (defined in Item_direct_ref)Item_direct_ref [virtual]
is_null_result() (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [virtual]
is_outer_field() const (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
is_result_field() (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
is_splocal() (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
is_temporal() const (defined in Item)Item [inline]
is_temporal_with_date() const (defined in Item)Item [inline]
is_temporal_with_date_and_time() const (defined in Item)Item [inline]
is_temporal_with_time() const (defined in Item)Item [inline]
Item() (defined in Item)Item
Item(THD *thd, Item *item)Item
Item_direct_ref(Name_resolution_context *context_arg, Item **item, const char *table_name_arg, const char *field_name_arg, bool alias_name_used_arg=FALSE) (defined in Item_direct_ref)Item_direct_ref [inline]
Item_direct_ref(THD *thd, Item_direct_ref *item) (defined in Item_direct_ref)Item_direct_ref [inline]
Item_direct_view_ref(Name_resolution_context *context_arg, Item **item, const char *alias_name_arg, const char *table_name_arg, const char *field_name_arg) (defined in Item_direct_view_ref)Item_direct_view_ref [inline]
Item_direct_view_ref(THD *thd, Item_direct_ref *item) (defined in Item_direct_view_ref)Item_direct_view_ref [inline]
item_field_by_name_analyzer(uchar **arg)Item [inline, virtual]
item_field_by_name_transformer(uchar *arg)Item [inline, virtual]
Item_ident(Name_resolution_context *context_arg, const char *db_name_arg, const char *table_name_arg, const char *field_name_arg) (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident
Item_ident(THD *thd, Item_ident *item)Item_ident
item_name (defined in Item)Item
Item_ref(Name_resolution_context *context_arg, const char *db_arg, const char *table_name_arg, const char *field_name_arg) (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline]
Item_ref(Name_resolution_context *context_arg, Item **item, const char *table_name_arg, const char *field_name_arg, bool alias_name_used_arg=FALSE) (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref
Item_ref(THD *thd, Item_ref *item) (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline]
make_field(Send_field *field) (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [virtual]
make_string_field(TABLE *table)Item [virtual]
max_char_length() const (defined in Item)Item [inline]
max_length (defined in Item)Item
maybe_null (defined in Item)Item
neg_transformer(THD *thd) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
no_rows_in_result() (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
not_null_tables() const (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
null_inside() (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
NULL_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
null_value (defined in Item)Item
numeric_context_result_type() const Item [inline, virtual]
operator delete(void *ptr, size_t size) (defined in Item)Item [inline, static]
operator delete(void *ptr, MEM_ROOT *mem_root) (defined in Item)Item [inline, static]
operator new(size_t size) (defined in Item)Item [inline, static]
operator new(size_t size, MEM_ROOT *mem_root) (defined in Item)Item [inline, static]
orig_db_name (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident [protected]
orig_field_name (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident [protected]
orig_name (defined in Item)Item
orig_table_name (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident [protected]
OUTER_REF enum value (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref
PARAM_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
POSTFIX enum value (defined in Item)Item
PREFIX enum value (defined in Item)Item
print(String *str, enum_query_type query_type)Item_ref [virtual]
print_for_order(String *str, enum_query_type query_type, bool used_alias)Item
print_item_w_name(String *, enum_query_type query_type) (defined in Item)Item
PROC_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
quick_fix_field() (defined in Item)Item [inline]
REAL_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
real_item() (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
ref (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref
REF enum value (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref
REF_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
ref_type() (defined in Item_direct_view_ref)Item_direct_view_ref [inline, virtual]
Ref_Type enum name (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref
register_field_in_read_map(uchar *arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
remove_column_from_bitmap(uchar *arg)Item [inline, virtual]
remove_dependence_processor(uchar *arg) (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident [virtual]
remove_fixed(uchar *arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
rename(char *new_name)Item
replace_equal_field(uchar *arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
reset_query_id_processor(uchar *query_id_arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
resolved_used_tables() const Item_ref [inline, virtual]
result_field (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref
result_type() const (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
ROW_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
rsize (defined in Item)Item
runtime_item (defined in Item)Item
safe_charset_converter(const CHARSET_INFO *tocs) (defined in Item)Item [virtual]
save_date_in_field(Field *field) (defined in Item)Item
save_in_field(Field *field, bool no_conversions)Item_ref [virtual]
save_in_field_no_warnings(Field *field, bool no_conversions) (defined in Item)Item
save_in_result_field(bool no_conversions) (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
save_org_in_field(Field *field) (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [virtual]
save_safe_in_field(Field *field) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
save_str_value_in_field(Field *field, String *result) (defined in Item)Item
save_time_in_field(Field *field) (defined in Item)Item
send(Protocol *prot, String *tmp)Item_ref [virtual]
set_no_const_sub(uchar *arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
set_properties() (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [protected]
set_result_field(Field *field) (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
set_runtime_created() (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
split_sum_func(THD *thd, Ref_ptr_array ref_pointer_array, List< Item > &fields) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
split_sum_func2(THD *thd, Ref_ptr_array ref_pointer_array, List< Item > &fields, Item **ref, bool skip_registered)Item
str_result(String *tmp) (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [virtual]
str_value (defined in Item)Item
string_field_type() const (defined in Item)Item [virtual]
STRING_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
SUBSELECT_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
subst_argument_checker(uchar **arg) (defined in Item_direct_view_ref)Item_direct_view_ref [inline, virtual]
substitutional_item() (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
SUM_FUNC_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
table_name (defined in Item_ident)Item_ident
tables_locked_cacheItem [protected]
temporal_with_date_as_number_result_type() const Item [inline]
this_item() (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
this_item() const (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
this_item_addr(THD *thd, Item **addr_arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
time_precision()Item [virtual]
tmp_table_field(TABLE *t_arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
tmp_table_field_from_field_type(TABLE *table, bool fixed_length)Item
top_level_item() (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
transform(Item_transformer, uchar *arg)Item_ref [virtual]
traverse_cond(Cond_traverser traverser, void *arg, traverse_order order) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
traverse_order enum name (defined in Item)Item
TRIGGER_FIELD_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
Type enum name (defined in Item)Item
type() const (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
TYPE_HOLDER enum value (defined in Item)Item
unsigned_flag (defined in Item)Item
update_null_value() (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
update_used_tables() (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
update_value_transformer(uchar *select_arg) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
used_tables() const (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
val_bool()Item_direct_ref [virtual]
val_bool_result() (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [virtual]
val_date_temporal()Item_direct_ref [virtual]
val_date_temporal_result()Item [inline, virtual]
val_decimal(my_decimal *) (defined in Item_direct_ref)Item_direct_ref [virtual]
val_decimal_from_date(my_decimal *decimal_value) (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_decimal_from_int(my_decimal *decimal_value) (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_decimal_from_real(my_decimal *decimal_value) (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_decimal_from_string(my_decimal *decimal_value) (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_decimal_from_time(my_decimal *decimal_value) (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_decimal_result(my_decimal *) (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [virtual]
val_int() (defined in Item_direct_ref)Item_direct_ref [virtual]
val_int_endpoint(bool left_endp, bool *incl_endp) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
val_int_from_date() (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_int_from_datetime() (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_int_from_decimal() (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_int_from_time() (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_int_result() (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [virtual]
val_nodeset(String *) (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
val_real() (defined in Item_direct_ref)Item_direct_ref [virtual]
val_real_from_decimal() (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_result() (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [virtual]
val_str(String *tmp) (defined in Item_direct_ref)Item_direct_ref [virtual]
val_str_ascii(String *str) (defined in Item)Item [virtual]
val_string_from_date(String *str) (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_string_from_datetime(String *str) (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_string_from_decimal(String *str) (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_string_from_int(String *str) (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_string_from_real(String *str) (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_string_from_time(String *str) (defined in Item)Item [protected]
val_temporal_by_field_type()Item [inline]
val_temporal_with_round(enum_field_types type, uint8 dec)Item
val_time_temporal()Item_direct_ref [virtual]
val_time_temporal_result()Item [inline, virtual]
val_uint() (defined in Item)Item [inline]
VARBIN_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
VIEW_FIXER_ITEM enum value (defined in Item)Item
VIEW_REF enum value (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref
walk(Item_processor processor, bool walk_subquery, uchar *arg) (defined in Item_ref)Item_ref [inline, virtual]
with_stored_program (defined in Item)Item [protected]
with_subselect (defined in Item)Item [protected]
with_sum_func (defined in Item)Item
XPATH_NODESET enum value (defined in Item)Item
XPATH_NODESET_CMP enum value (defined in Item)Item
~Item() (defined in Item)Item [inline, virtual]
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