InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
trx_rseg_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

ulint id
ib_mutex_t mutex
ulint space
ulint zip_size
ulint page_no
ulint max_size
ulint curr_size
ut_list_base< trx_undo_tupdate_undo_list
ut_list_base< trx_undo_tupdate_undo_cached
ut_list_base< trx_undo_tinsert_undo_list
ut_list_base< trx_undo_tinsert_undo_cached
ulint last_page_no
ulint last_offset
trx_id_t last_trx_no
ibool last_del_marks

Field Documentation

ulint trx_rseg_t::id

rollback segment id == the index of its slot in the trx system file copy

ibool trx_rseg_t::last_del_marks

TRUE if the last not yet purged log needs purging

ulint trx_rseg_t::last_offset

Byte offset of the last not yet purged log header

ulint trx_rseg_t::last_page_no

Page number of the last not yet purged log header in the history list; FIL_NULL if all list purged

trx_id_t trx_rseg_t::last_trx_no

Transaction number of the last not yet purged log

ib_mutex_t trx_rseg_t::mutex

mutex protecting the fields in this struct except id, which is constant

ulint trx_rseg_t::space

space where the rollback segment is header is placed

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