InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
trx_undo_t Struct Reference

#include <trx0undo.h>

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Data Fields

ulint id
ulint type
ulint state
ibool del_marks
trx_id_t trx_id
XID xid
ibool dict_operation
table_id_t table_id
ulint space
ulint zip_size
ulint hdr_page_no
ulint hdr_offset
ulint last_page_no
ulint size
ulint empty
ulint top_page_no
ulint top_offset
undo_no_t top_undo_no
ut_list_node< trx_undo_tundo_list

Detailed Description

Transaction undo log memory object; this is protected by the undo_mutex

in the corresponding transaction object

Field Documentation

ibool trx_undo_t::del_marks

relevant only in an update undo log: this is TRUE if the transaction may have delete marked records, because of a delete of a row or an update of an indexed field; purge is then necessary; also TRUE if the transaction has updated an externally stored field

ibool trx_undo_t::dict_operation

TRUE if a dict operation trx

ulint trx_undo_t::empty

TRUE if the stack of undo log records is currently empty

buf_block_t* trx_undo_t::guess_block

guess for the buffer block where the top page might reside

ulint trx_undo_t::hdr_offset

header offset of the undo log on the page

ulint trx_undo_t::hdr_page_no

page number of the header page in the undo log

ulint trx_undo_t::id

undo log slot number within the rollback segment

ulint trx_undo_t::last_page_no

page number of the last page in the undo log; this may differ from top_page_no during a rollback

trx_rseg_t* trx_undo_t::rseg

rseg where the undo log belongs

ulint trx_undo_t::size

current size in pages

ulint trx_undo_t::space

space id where the undo log placed

ulint trx_undo_t::state

state of the corresponding undo log segment

table_id_t trx_undo_t::table_id

if a dict operation, then the table id

ulint trx_undo_t::top_offset

offset of the latest undo record, i.e., the topmost element in the undo log if we think of it as a stack

ulint trx_undo_t::top_page_no

page number where the latest undo log record was catenated; during rollback the page from which the latest undo record was chosen

undo_no_t trx_undo_t::top_undo_no

undo number of the latest record

trx_id_t trx_undo_t::trx_id

id of the trx assigned to the undo log

ulint trx_undo_t::type


ut_list_node< trx_undo_t > trx_undo_t::undo_list

undo log objects in the rollback segment are chained into lists

XID trx_undo_t::xid

X/Open XA transaction identification

ulint trx_undo_t::zip_size

compressed page size of space in bytes, or 0 for uncompressed

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