InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
ib_mutex_t Struct Reference

#include <sync0sync.h>

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Data Fields

os_event_t event
volatile lock_word_t lock_word
os_fast_mutex_t os_fast_mutex
ulint waiters
ut_list_node< ib_mutex_tlist
const char * file_name
ulint line
ulint level
const char * cfile_name
ulint cline
ulong count_os_wait
os_thread_id_t thread_id
ulint magic_n
const char * cmutex_name
ulint ib_mutex_type

Detailed Description

InnoDB mutex

Field Documentation

const char* ib_mutex_t::cfile_name

File name where mutex created

ulint ib_mutex_t::cline

Line where created

const char* ib_mutex_t::cmutex_name

mutex name

ulong ib_mutex_t::count_os_wait

count of os_wait

os_event_t ib_mutex_t::event

Used by for the wait queue

const char* ib_mutex_t::file_name

File where the mutex was locked

ulint ib_mutex_t::ib_mutex_type

0=usual mutex, 1=rw_lock mutex

ulint ib_mutex_t::level

Level in the global latching order

ulint ib_mutex_t::line

Line where the mutex was locked

ut_list_node< ib_mutex_t > ib_mutex_t::list

All allocated mutexes are put into a list. Pointers to the next and prev.

volatile lock_word_t ib_mutex_t::lock_word

lock_word is the target of the atomic test-and-set instruction when atomic operations are enabled.

ulint ib_mutex_t::magic_n


os_fast_mutex_t ib_mutex_t::os_fast_mutex

We use this OS mutex in place of lock_word when atomic operations are not enabled

os_thread_id_t ib_mutex_t::thread_id

The thread id of the thread which locked the mutex.

ulint ib_mutex_t::waiters

This ulint is set to 1 if there are (or may be) threads waiting in the global wait array for this mutex to be released. Otherwise, this is 0.

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