InnoDB Plugin  1.0
Data Fields
lock_sys_t Struct Reference

#include <lock0lock.h>

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Data Fields

ib_mutex_t mutex
ib_mutex_t wait_mutex
ibool rollback_complete
ulint n_lock_max_wait_time
os_event_t timeout_event
bool timeout_thread_active

Detailed Description

The lock system struct

Field Documentation

srv_slot_t* lock_sys_t::last_slot

highest slot ever used in the waiting_threads array, protected by lock_sys->wait_mutex

ib_mutex_t lock_sys_t::mutex

Mutex protecting the locks

ulint lock_sys_t::n_lock_max_wait_time

Max wait time

hash_table_t* lock_sys_t::rec_hash

hash table of the record locks

ibool lock_sys_t::rollback_complete

TRUE if rollback of all recovered transactions is complete. Protected by lock_sys->mutex

os_event_t lock_sys_t::timeout_event

Set to the event that is created in the lock wait monitor thread. A value of 0 means the thread is not active

bool lock_sys_t::timeout_thread_active

True if the timeout thread is running

ib_mutex_t lock_sys_t::wait_mutex

Mutex protecting the next two fields

srv_slot_t* lock_sys_t::waiting_threads

Array of user threads suspended while waiting for locks within InnoDB, protected by the lock_sys->wait_mutex

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