InnoDB Plugin  1.0
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fetch_node_t Struct Reference

#include <row0sel.h>

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Data Fields

que_common_t common

Detailed Description

Fetch statement node

Field Documentation

que_common_t fetch_node_t::common


sel_node_t* fetch_node_t::cursor_def

cursor definition

pars_user_func_t* fetch_node_t::func

User callback function or NULL. The first argument to the function is a sel_node_t*, containing the results of the SELECT operation for one row. If the function returns NULL, it is not interested in further rows and the cursor is modified so (cursor % NOTFOUND) is true. If it returns not-NULL, continue normally. See row_fetch_print() for an example (and a useful debugging tool).

sym_node_t* fetch_node_t::into_list

variables to set

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