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system_variables Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

ulong dynamic_variables_version
char * dynamic_variables_ptr
uint dynamic_variables_head
uint dynamic_variables_size
LIST * dynamic_variables_allocs
ulonglong max_heap_table_size
ulonglong tmp_table_size
ulonglong long_query_time
my_bool end_markers_in_json
ulonglong optimizer_switch
ulonglong optimizer_trace
 bitmap to tune optimizer tracing
ulonglong optimizer_trace_features
 bitmap to select features to trace
long optimizer_trace_offset
long optimizer_trace_limit
ulong optimizer_trace_max_mem_size
sql_mode_t sql_mode
 which non-standard SQL behaviour should be enabled
ulonglong option_bits
 OPTION_xxx constants, e.g. OPTION_PROFILING.
ha_rows select_limit
ha_rows max_join_size
ulong auto_increment_increment
ulong auto_increment_offset
ulong bulk_insert_buff_size
uint eq_range_index_dive_limit
ulong join_buff_size
ulong lock_wait_timeout
ulong max_allowed_packet
ulong max_error_count
ulong max_length_for_sort_data
ulong max_sort_length
ulong max_tmp_tables
ulong max_insert_delayed_threads
ulong min_examined_row_limit
ulong multi_range_count
ulong myisam_repair_threads
ulong myisam_sort_buff_size
ulong myisam_stats_method
ulong net_buffer_length
ulong net_interactive_timeout
ulong net_read_timeout
ulong net_retry_count
ulong net_wait_timeout
ulong net_write_timeout
ulong optimizer_prune_level
ulong optimizer_search_depth
ulong preload_buff_size
ulong profiling_history_size
ulong read_buff_size
ulong read_rnd_buff_size
ulong div_precincrement
ulong sortbuff_size
ulong max_sp_recursion_depth
ulong default_week_format
ulong max_seeks_for_key
ulong range_alloc_block_size
ulong query_alloc_block_size
ulong query_prealloc_size
ulong trans_alloc_block_size
ulong trans_prealloc_size
ulong group_concat_max_len
ulong binlog_format
 binlog format for this thd (see enum_binlog_format)
my_bool binlog_direct_non_trans_update
ulong binlog_row_image
my_bool sql_log_bin
ulong completion_type
ulong query_cache_type
ulong tx_isolation
ulong updatable_views_with_limit
uint max_user_connections
ulong my_aes_mode
my_thread_id pseudo_thread_id
my_bool tx_read_only
my_bool low_priority_updates
my_bool new_mode
my_bool query_cache_wlock_invalidate
my_bool engine_condition_pushdown
my_bool keep_files_on_create
my_bool old_alter_table
uint old_passwords
my_bool big_tables
plugin_ref table_plugin
plugin_ref temp_table_plugin
const CHARSET_INFO * character_set_filesystem
const CHARSET_INFO * character_set_client
const CHARSET_INFO * character_set_results
const CHARSET_INFO * collation_server
const CHARSET_INFO * collation_database
const CHARSET_INFO * collation_connection
my_bool explicit_defaults_for_timestamp
my_bool sysdate_is_now
my_bool binlog_rows_query_log_events
double long_query_time_double
my_bool pseudo_slave_mode
Gtid_specification gtid_next
Gtid_set_or_null gtid_next_list
my_bool show_old_temporals

Member Data Documentation

In slave thread we need to know in behalf of which thread the query is being run to replicate temp tables properly

Compatibility option to mark the pre MySQL-5.6.4 temporals columns using the old format using comments for SHOW CREATE TABLE and in I_S.COLUMNS 'COLUMN_TYPE' field.

Default transaction access mode. READ ONLY (true) or READ WRITE (false).

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