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st_table_ref Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

bool impossible_null_ref () const
bool has_guarded_conds () const

Public Attributes

bool key_err
bool has_record
uint key_parts
 num of ...
uint key_length
 length of key_buff
int key
 key no
uchar * key_buff
 value to look for with key
uchar * key_buff2
store_key ** key_copy
Item ** items
 val()'s for each keypart
bool ** cond_guards
key_part_map null_rejecting
table_map depend_map
 Table depends on these tables.
uchar * null_ref_key
ha_rows use_count
bool disable_cache

Member Function Documentation

bool st_table_ref::has_guarded_conds ( ) const [inline]

Check if there are triggered/guarded conditions that might be 'switched off' by the subquery code when executing 'Full scan on NULL key' subqueries.

true if there are guarded conditions, false otherwise
bool st_table_ref::impossible_null_ref ( ) const [inline]
whether the reference contains NULL values which could never give a match.

Member Data Documentation

True if something was read into buffer in join_read_key.

Used to store the value from each keypart field. These values are used for ref access. If key_copy[key_part] == NULL it means that the value is constant and does not need to be reevaluated

(null_rejecting & (1<<i)) means the condition is '=' and no matching rows will be produced if items[i] IS NULL (see add_not_null_conds())

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