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st_ror_scan_info Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

uint idx
 # of used key in param->keys
uint keynr
 # of used key in table
ha_rows records
 estimate of # records this scan will return
MY_BITMAP covered_fields
MY_BITMAP covered_fields_remaining
uint num_covered_fields_remaining
double index_read_cost

Member Data Documentation

Fields used in the query and covered by this ROR scan.

Fields used in the query that are a) covered by this ROR scan and b) not already covered by ROR scans ordered earlier in the merge sequence.

Cost of reading all index records with values in sel_arg intervals set (assuming there is no need to access full table records)

#fields in covered_fields_remaining (caching of bitmap_bits_set())

Set of intervals over key fields that will be used for row retrieval.

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