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sp_variable Class Reference

#include <sp_pcontext.h>

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Public Types

enum  enum_mode { MODE_IN, MODE_OUT, MODE_INOUT }

Public Member Functions

 sp_variable (LEX_STRING _name, enum_field_types _type, enum_mode _mode, uint _offset)

Public Attributes

 Name of the SP-variable.
enum enum_field_types type
 Field-type of the SP-variable.
enum_mode mode
 Mode of the SP-variable.
uint offset
 Default value of the SP-variable (if any).
Create_field field_def
 Full type information (field meta-data) of the SP-variable.

Detailed Description

This class represents a stored program variable or a parameter (also referenced as 'SP-variable').

Member Data Documentation

The index to the variable's value in the runtime frame.

It is calculated during parsing and used when creating sp_instr_set instructions and Item_splocal items. I.e. values are set/referred by array indexing in runtime.

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