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sp_rcontext::Sql_condition_info Class Reference

#include <sp_rcontext.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Sql_condition_info (uint _sql_errno, const char *_sql_state, Sql_condition::enum_warning_level _level, const char *_message)

Public Attributes

uint sql_errno
 SQL error code.
Sql_condition::enum_warning_level level
 Error level.
char sql_state [SQLSTATE_LENGTH+1]
char message [MYSQL_ERRMSG_SIZE]
 Text message.

Detailed Description

This class stores basic information about SQL-condition, such as:

It's used to organize runtime SQL-handler call stack.

Standard Sql_condition class can not be used, because we don't always have an Sql_condition object for an SQL-condition in Diagnostics_area.

Eventually, this class should be moved to sql_error.h, and be a part of standard SQL-condition processing (Diagnostics_area should contain an object for active SQL-condition, not just information stored in DA's fields).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sp_rcontext::Sql_condition_info::Sql_condition_info ( uint  _sql_errno,
const char *  _sql_state,
Sql_condition::enum_warning_level  _level,
const char *  _message 
) [inline]

The constructor.

_sql_errnoSQL error number.
_sql_stateDiagnostic status.
_levelError level of the condition.
_messageError message.

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