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sp_branch_instr Class Reference

#include <sp_instr.h>

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sp_instr_jump sp_lex_branch_instr sp_instr_hpush_jump sp_instr_hreturn sp_instr_jump_case_when sp_instr_jump_if_not sp_instr_set_case_expr

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Public Member Functions

virtual void set_destination (uint old_dest, uint new_dest)=0
virtual void backpatch (uint dest)=0

Detailed Description

An interface for all SP-instructions with destinations that need to be updated by the SP-optimizer.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void sp_branch_instr::backpatch ( uint  dest) [pure virtual]

Update all instruction with the given label in the backpatch list to the specified instruction pointer.

destdestination instruction pointer.

Implemented in sp_instr_hpush_jump, sp_instr_set_case_expr, sp_lex_branch_instr, and sp_instr_jump.

virtual void sp_branch_instr::set_destination ( uint  old_dest,
uint  new_dest 
) [pure virtual]

Update the destination; used by the SP-instruction-optimizer.

old_destcurrent (old) destination (instruction pointer).
new_destnew destination (instruction pointer).

Implemented in sp_instr_set_case_expr, sp_lex_branch_instr, and sp_instr_jump.

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