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const unsigned char * retrieve_iv_ptr (enum my_aes_opmode aes_opmode, uint arg_count, Item **args, const char *func_name, THD *thd, my_bool *error_generated)

Detailed Description

helper class to process an IV argument to aes_encrypt/aes_decrypt

Member Function Documentation

const unsigned char* iv_argument::retrieve_iv_ptr ( enum my_aes_opmode  aes_opmode,
uint  arg_count,
Item **  args,
const char *  func_name,
THD *  thd,
my_bool *  error_generated 
) [inline]

Validate the arguments and retrieve the IV value.

Processes a 3d optional IV argument to an Item_func function. Contains all the necessary stack buffers etc.

aes_opmodethe encryption mode
arg_countnumber of parameters passed to the function
argsarray of arguments passed to the function
func_namethe name of the function (for errors)
thdthe current thread (for errors)
[out]error_generatedset to true if error was generated.
a pointer to the retrived validated IV or NULL

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