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Time_zone_system Class Reference
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Time_zone Sql_alloc

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virtual my_time_t TIME_to_gmt_sec (const MYSQL_TIME *t, my_bool *in_dst_time_gap) const
virtual void gmt_sec_to_TIME (MYSQL_TIME *tmp, my_time_t t) const
virtual const Stringget_name () const

Member Function Documentation

const String * Time_zone_system::get_name ( ) const [virtual]

Because of constness of String returned by get_name() time zone name have to be already zeroended to be able to use String::ptr() instead of c_ptr().

Implements Time_zone.

void Time_zone_system::gmt_sec_to_TIME ( MYSQL_TIME *  tmp,
my_time_t  t 
) const [virtual]

Converts time in my_time_t representation to local time in broken down MYSQL_TIME representation.

Implements Time_zone.

my_time_t Time_zone_system::TIME_to_gmt_sec ( const MYSQL_TIME *  t,
my_bool *  in_dst_time_gap 
) const [virtual]

Converts local time in broken down MYSQL_TIME representation to my_time_t (UTC seconds since Epoch) represenation. Returns 0 in case of error. Sets in_dst_time_gap to true if date provided falls into spring time-gap (or lefts it untouched otherwise).

Implements Time_zone.

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