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Thd_ndb Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void init_open_tables ()
bool has_required_global_schema_lock (const char *func)
bool valid_ndb (void)
bool recycle_ndb (THD *thd)

Static Public Member Functions

static Thd_ndbseize (THD *)
static void release (Thd_ndb *thd_ndb)

Public Attributes

class Ndb_cluster_connection * connection
class Ndb * ndb
class ha_ndbclusterm_handler
ulong count
uint lock_count
uint start_stmt_count
uint save_point_count
class NdbTransaction * trans
bool m_error
bool m_slow_path
bool m_force_send
uint32 options
uint32 trans_options
List< NDB_SHAREchanged_tables
HASH open_tables
MEM_ROOT m_batch_mem_root
uint m_unsent_bytes
uint m_batch_size
uint m_execute_count
uint m_scan_count
uint m_pruned_scan_count
uint m_sorted_scan_count
uint m_pushed_queries_defined
uint m_pushed_queries_dropped
uint m_pushed_queries_executed
uint m_pushed_reads
uint m_transaction_no_hint_count [MAX_NDB_NODES]
uint m_transaction_hint_count [MAX_NDB_NODES]
NdbTransaction * global_schema_lock_trans
uint global_schema_lock_count
uint global_schema_lock_error
uint schema_locks_count
unsigned m_connect_count

Member Data Documentation

This is the number of NdbQueryDef objects that the handler has created.

This is the number of cases where the handler decided not to use an NdbQuery object that it previously created for executing a particular instance of a query fragment. This may happen if for examle the optimizer decides to use another type of access operation than originally assumed.

This is the number of times that the handler instantiated an NdbQuery object from a NdbQueryDef object and used the former for executing an instance of a query fragment.

This is the number of lookup operations (via unique index or primary key) that were eliminated by pushing linked operations (NdbQuery) to the data nodes.

This is the number of sorted scans (via ordered indexes).

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