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Sys_var_lexstring Class Reference

#include <sys_vars.h>

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Sys_var_charptr sys_var

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Public Member Functions

 Sys_var_lexstring (const char *name_arg, const char *comment, int flag_args, ptrdiff_t off, size_t size, CMD_LINE getopt, enum charset_enum is_os_charset_arg, const char *def_val, PolyLock *lock=0, enum binlog_status_enum binlog_status_arg=VARIABLE_NOT_IN_BINLOG, on_check_function on_check_func=0, on_update_function on_update_func=0, const char *substitute=0)
bool global_update (THD *thd, set_var *var)

Detailed Description

The class for string variables. Useful for strings that aren't necessarily \0-terminated. Otherwise the same as Sys_var_charptr.

Class specific constructor arguments: enum charset_enum is_os_charset_arg

Backing store: LEX_STRING

Behaves exactly as Sys_var_charptr, only the backing store is different.

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