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Sys_var_charptr Class Reference

#include <sys_vars.h>

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sys_var Sys_var_lexstring

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Public Member Functions

 Sys_var_charptr (const char *name_arg, const char *comment, int flag_args, ptrdiff_t off, size_t size, CMD_LINE getopt, enum charset_enum is_os_charset_arg, const char *def_val, PolyLock *lock=0, enum binlog_status_enum binlog_status_arg=VARIABLE_NOT_IN_BINLOG, on_check_function on_check_func=0, on_update_function on_update_func=0, const char *substitute=0, int parse_flag=PARSE_NORMAL)
void cleanup ()
bool do_check (THD *thd, set_var *var)
bool session_update (THD *thd, set_var *var)
bool global_update (THD *thd, set_var *var)
void session_save_default (THD *thd, set_var *var)
void global_save_default (THD *thd, set_var *var)
bool check_update_type (Item_result type)

Detailed Description

The class for string variables. The string can be in character_set_filesystem or in character_set_system. The string can be allocated with my_malloc() or not. The state of the initial value is specified in the constructor, after that it's managed automatically. The value of NULL is supported.

Class specific constructor arguments: enum charset_enum is_os_charset_arg

Backing store: char*

This class supports only GLOBAL variables, because THD on destruction does not destroy individual members of SV, there's no way to free allocated string variables for every thread.

Member Function Documentation

void Sys_var_charptr::cleanup ( ) [inline, virtual]

All the cleanup procedures should be performed here

Reimplemented from sys_var.

void Sys_var_charptr::global_save_default ( THD *  thd,
set_var var 
) [inline, virtual]

save the global default value of the variable in var

Implements sys_var.

void Sys_var_charptr::session_save_default ( THD *  thd,
set_var var 
) [inline, virtual]

save the session default value of the variable in var

Implements sys_var.

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