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Sys_var_dbug Class Reference

#include <sys_vars.h>

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 Sys_var_dbug (const char *name_arg, const char *comment, int flag_args, CMD_LINE getopt, const char *def_val, PolyLock *lock=0, enum binlog_status_enum binlog_status_arg=VARIABLE_NOT_IN_BINLOG, on_check_function on_check_func=0, on_update_function on_update_func=0, const char *substitute=0, int parse_flag=PARSE_NORMAL)
bool do_check (THD *thd, set_var *var)
bool session_update (THD *thd, set_var *var)
bool global_update (THD *thd, set_var *var)
void session_save_default (THD *thd, set_var *var)
void global_save_default (THD *thd, set_var *var)
uchar * session_value_ptr (THD *thd, LEX_STRING *base)
uchar * global_value_ptr (THD *thd, LEX_STRING *base)
bool check_update_type (Item_result type)

Detailed Description

@session.dbug and @global.dbug variables.

@dbug variable differs from other variables in one aspect: if its value is not assigned in the session, it "points" to the global value, and so when the global value is changed, the change immediately takes effect in the session.

This semantics is intentional, to be able to debug one session from another.

Member Function Documentation

void Sys_var_dbug::global_save_default ( THD *  thd,
set_var var 
) [inline, virtual]

save the global default value of the variable in var

Implements sys_var.

void Sys_var_dbug::session_save_default ( THD *  thd,
set_var var 
) [inline, virtual]

save the session default value of the variable in var

Implements sys_var.

uchar* Sys_var_dbug::session_value_ptr ( THD *  thd,
LEX_STRING *  base 
) [inline, virtual]

A pointer to a value of the variable for SHOW. It must be of show_val_type type (bool for SHOW_BOOL, int for SHOW_INT, longlong for SHOW_LONGLONG, etc).

Reimplemented from sys_var.

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